About our Unicycle Hockey Sessions


Our unicycle hockey sessions are one hour sessions of unicycle hockey, played on a floorball rink.

We encourage beginners to participate by implementing a ‘no tackling beginners’ rule, and try to make sure that they get some ball time.

At the moment, these sessions are about growing the sport, creating some permanent Canberra teams, and practising together for the newly created Australian unicycle hockey league tournament games.


Any unicyclists who can ride without support are welcome to join in — these events are not
restricted to club/AUS members, and it is intended to help both
beginner/interested unicycle hockey players and seasoned hockey players.

Note that while these practice sessions aren’t restricted, the hockey league tournament games are restricted to AUS (Australian Unicycle Society) members.


The sessions are usually held on a Sunday (but not on every Sunday) between 16:00 (4 pm) until
17:00, but please arrive by 15:45 so that we can organise teams and get
ourselves sorted before making full use of the court time.

For information regarding any upcoming hockey sessions, please see the upcoming hockey games page.


Calwell High School


The cost for a one-off hockey session is $10.00 per participant, to cover court hire. Regular users pay a standard 3-month hire rate.

We do not charge riders that just want to try out or have a few hits.

Spectators are free to come and watch.

Extra Information

The ACTURS page describing unicycle hockey: Team Sports

The International Unicycling Federation‘s rule book. Unicycle hockey rules are in part 6 which starts on page 88.