Types of Unicycle

There isn’t really any type of unicycle designed for games. Riders will just use whichever unicycle they feel is easiest to use for them.

Competiton Events

There are no known competition events involving games, however, games are often played as a social event at unicycle competition gatherings.



This is pretty much tag, only on a unicycle. Riders will take a piece of cloth (or some other marker), and hang it out of their pocket or somewhere else that is easily accessible by other riders.

The idea is that riders have to take the bits of cloth off other riders, but avoid other riders taking their own bit of cloth.

Risk Level

Depends on how agressively you ride/chase the other players! I have seen someone slide sideways while playing this, but they didn’t incur any real injury.


Only the cost of the unicycle, and most riders will just use one they already have, as opposed to buying one especially for tag!


Sumo / Wrestling / Gladiators


This is a game played between two riders, usually in a ring or some other defined area. The idea is to force the other rider off their unicycle while staying on your unicycle and within the defined area.

Risk Level

This game will generally be low speed, and when pushed off your unicycle, you will tend to land on your feet.


Only the cost of the unicycle. Again, most riders will just use a unicycle they already have.




Just like the name suggests, this is jousting, only on unicycles instead of on horses.

Jousting is a contest between two knights on horseback, or, in this case, two riders on a unicycle.

The idea is similar to that of Sumo / Wrestling above, in that the idea is to knock the other rider off their unicycle, while remaining on your own. It is played by two riders, at opposite ends of a line, facing each other and holding jousting sticks/poles. They then ride toward each other and attempt to use their pole to knock the other rider off.

Risk Level

Considerably less than jousting on a horse! This also depends on how sharp the pointy end of the jousting stick is.

No, seriously, the jousting sticks aren’t sharp and pointy. This game is often played with boxing gloves or some other padding on the end of the jousting poles.

Risk isn’t overly high, similar to that of unicycle Sumo / Wrestling, in that it is generally on small wheels, low speed, and you will usually land on your feet.