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Unicycling is fun and can be enjoyed by people of all ages from seven to seventy. The major ACTURS activity is a weekly training night held on Wednesday nights during term time. During the summer, we will spend the first part of the evening on the outdoor tennis court, which has a really good riding surface. Starting 6:30 pm, After 8pm, we will hire the indoor hall, and have a place to do our stuff for an hour and a half. During the holiday we have found that people like to do more tricky riding in the hall, mostly hockey training and hockey games. The hockey has been really fun for riders at all levels, and it's surprising how you get better at unicycling when you are busy playing hockey too.

Namadgi School

During training sessions people are encouraged to relax, have fun, achieve some challenging personal milestones, and learn or teach skills in a friendly, cooperative environment. Progress can be monitored by official testing of skill levels conforming to IUF standards. Team games such as tag, hockey, and basketball are popular. Freestyle routines are choreographed, usually in preparation for upcoming national or international unicycle conventions. The advanced riders also develop extreme skills involving complex jumping, twisting, and grinding over a variety of obstacles. The use of non standard wheels, such as Giraffes (tall), Cokers (big wheel), and the Impossible Wheel (no frame, saddle or pedals) are also attempted/perfected.

In addition to Wednesday night training, other events occur on an ad hoc basis and usually on the weekends. These include public performances, fun rides, mountain uni, and hockey and basketball games with riders from other clubs.


1st session is free!

Training costs are based on a standard ten week term and include discounts for additional family members. Insurance is arranged via the AUS and the cost of this has recently been absorbed into the term fees. Term fees are listed below.

  Single Lesson 10 week term
Individual $10 $60
Family $20 $100
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